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Horse Riding in Central London

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About Hyde Park Stables

Hyde Park Stables is dedicated to provide a high standard of horse riding and instruction for adults and children, from five years of age and older.

Ride on Rotten Row with Hyde Park Stables, London's premier horse riding school

Rotten Row in London's Hyde Park, has been the most famous equestrian venue in England for 300 years. We ride horses in Hyde Park and beside The Serpentine lake, in the most beautiful setting for horse riding in a capital city anywhere in the world. Hyde Park was also used as a London 2012 Olympic venue.

Learn to ride horses, improve your riding skills, or ride just for fun !

We offer group horse riding for all skill levels, semi-private riding for couples or small private groups, or private one to one tuition.

We cater for visitors who want to improve their horse riding abilities as well and for regular riders who want to learn from the beginning, or for those who are coming back to the sport to re-learn their skills and regain their fitness levels.

Hyde Park Stables has a dedicated team of staff who escort and teach on rides and lesson-rides in Hyde Park, as well as lessons in our outdoor arena. We teach all levels from complete beginners to advanced dressage and will teach parents and children from five years and older, together in Hyde Park on lesson-rides.

We usually start riders who want to learn with lesson-rides in the park so they can experience riding in Hyde Park straight away and then move on to lessons in the outdoor arena once they have mastered the basics.

How experienced are you

Although all horse riding is accompanied by escort / instructors, the more experience you have the more freedom you have when riding. If one of the guest riders is experienced and one a novice the novice can be kept safely on a lead rein with the instructor, while the experienced rider can have a more active ride. This way both of you are still able to enjoy Hyde Park together. This also applies to larger groups and we will always supply enough escort / instructors to cater for the mixed abilities. Therefore it is important to please state your riding levels when booking.

Hyde Park Stables provide horses that are as safe as possible, while maintaining an enjoyable and fun attitude to riding and learning equestrianism at all levels.

Although we take all reasonable precautions for your safety, you must accept that riding horses is a risk sport.

Horse Riding in Hyde Park is a wonderful experience and we hope you enjoy riding with us.


Horse Riding in Hyde Park

  • Horse riding amongst the trees in Hyde Park
  • Arena riding in Hyde Park in autumn
  • Friends riding horses in Hyde Park in spring