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Horse Riding in Central London

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Booking Information

We provide

  • riding hats and boots free of charge
  • group rides, group lessons, private, semi-private rides and lessons
  • intensive courses on a daily and weekly basis.

When riding with us

  • the weight limit for riders is 13 stones / 175 lb / 80 kg - please note our weight limits are strictly observed
  • The minimum age limit at the stables is 4 years, we offer special classes on Monday to Thursday afternoons for private arena lessons
  • our experience levels are Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, based on English Riding only. If your previous experience is of Western Riding please state this when booking
  • do not overstate your riding ability
  • you must inform us of any illness, previous injury or disability that may affect your riding ability
  • although we take all reasonable precautions for your safety, you must accept that riding horses is a risk sport.

When booking with us

  • weekends get booked up early and you usually need to book at least a week in advance to get the time you want
  • all rides must be pre-paid
  • credit and debit cards are accepted, refunds cannot be given
  • you can re-schedule bookings with 7 days clear notice.

Please Contact Us for further details or see our Booking Form.

Horse Riding in Hyde Park is a wonderful experience and we hope you enjoy it.