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Hyde Park Stables offer adults and children semi-private and private horse rides,
horse riding lessons and arena lessons, all year round, in Hyde Park London

First ride starts at 9am and last ride starts at 4pm 7 days a week.

We ride on horses and ponies chosen for their safe temperament, catering for riders of all abilities. Previous experience is not necessary. There are five miles of bridleways, and two outdoor riding arenas for more formal horse riding lessons and dressage.

Looking for horse riding or pony riding in Hyde Park, for a fun ride, an arena ride or a course of horse riding lessons, then contact us today.

Semi-Private Lesson / Rides

Two riders with a shared escort through Hyde Park. If you are a single rider you will be paired with one other rider. We take up to 8 riders for larger family / friend bookings
£115 per hour

Private Lesson / Rides

A one-to-one ride with a mounted escort through Hyde Park
£145 per hour

Arena Lessons

Rides are in the arena with a shared instructor between a maximum of 6 riders for children or 3 riders adult riders
£115-£145 per hour

Memories from The Big Chill

It all seems so long ago already now the snow has melted and gone. But we had a great time with the horses in the snow and they found it different as well.

We always take our horses out daily and a little snow isn't going to stop that.

Fortunately some kind person with great photographic skills took some pictures and sent them to us. They look great!