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63 Bathurst Mews London W2 2SB

Horse Riding Prices

Our first ride starts at 9am with our last ride starting at 4pm

Stable Management Lectures

Tuition on how to look after horses. 1 Hour, £40

Children's Half Day Camps

1 hour Lesson / Ride + 1 hour Arena Lesson + 1 hour Practical / Lecture -
perfect for Pony Club members to work towards Tests and Badges. 3 Hours, £260 - a saving of £10

Private Rides

Private Rides are one-to-one with a mounted escort through Hyde Park

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are one-to-one with an instructor in the arena. Adult riders will have to have an assessment ride before we can offer an arena lesson

Semi-Private Rides

Semi-Private Rides are two riders with a shared escort through Hyde Park. If you are a single rider you will be paired with one other rider. We take up to 8 riders for larger family / friend bookings

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons are in the arena with a shared instructor between a maximum of 6 riders for children and a maximum of 3 riders for adults

Minimum age is 4, private arena rides only

The minimum age limit at the stables is 4 years, we ONLY offer 4 year olds special classes Monday to Friday afternoons for private arena lessons ONLY, there is no 4 year old non-arena riding option available

Weight Limit

The maximum weight limit for riders is 13 stone / 180 lb / 80kg - please note our weight limits are strictly observed - we have scales!

Adults are 13

Adult riders are 13 years of age and older